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From Mayor Derek Armstead

Linden Residents,

As each day passes more people are tested and the numbers of those infected increases. We have lost so many Linden residents to COVID-19. Our hearts go out to those families as they mourn the loss of those they love. Please keep them in your prayers. I have a few timely requests for every Linden resident. Please… 

  • keep everyone that has suffered from this virus in your prayers.
  • follow the CDC Guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety. 
  • stay home unless you are going out for essential items.
  • practice social distancing at all times.
  • stay home if you are sick.

We are all in this together, and we will continue working together to beat this.

Remember, to effectively communicate the latest COVID-19 information to our residents transparently and as quickly as possible, our COVID-19 Menu on the City website contains useful and current data. With questions concerning COVID-19 please call the Linden Board of Health Office or call the Coronavirus Emergency Hotline at 1-800-222-1222.

Please call my office with questions, concerns, for assistance, or even just to say hi.

Yours truly,

Mayor Derek Armstead

Food Distribution Event – Saturday, December 5th, 9am

The Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders, and the Village Super Market of Springfield Township, New Jersey are providing this drive through and walk-up food distribution event to all Union County residents affected by COVID-19 on Saturday, December 5th at 9am.


Warinanco Park at 1 Park Drive, Roselle, NJ 07203 (Skating Rink)

Event Details

  • First 2,000 vehicles will receive shelf-safe food and fresh produce on a first come, first served basis
  • One food distribution per vehicle, while supplies last
  • Please make sure to clear out the vehicle’s trunk prior to arrival to make room for food bags
  • Bring one (1) proof of NJ residency, such as a utility bill, driver’s license, ID card, etc.
  • Event will take place rain or shine

Click here to view and/or download the event flyer in English and Spanish. With any questions, or for more information, please email the DHS Action Line or call them at 908 558 2288.

Manners & Etiquette

  • For all Linden Boys and Girls Ages 7-13
  • Just in time for the Holidays!

Manners and Etiquette are important skills in an ever-increasing use of technology world! Explore “in person behavior,” “out in public” conduct, phone calls, texting, emailing and table manners. Learn how to stay engaged in a conversation and use inside and outside voices. Have FUN exploring different interactive skills/processes that will help you successfully show good Manners and Etiquette. Click here to download the informational flyer about this event.

Purchasing of supplies may be required. Here is a list of supplies: Table setting: fork, spoon, knife, water glass, cloth napkin. Simple foods for our final dining experience will be announced.

This VIRTUAL class will be held through ZOOM in 2 sessions on Saturday, December 12 and Saturday, December 19 from 9:00am through 12:00pm for a fee of $45.00.

Register online 24/7 here and log into your existing Community Pass account or you may call 908-474-8600 Monday through Friday from 9:00am-4:00pm.

All first-time registrants are required to call during business hours to have an account set up and MUST provide the following:

  • Birth Certificate for child
  • A Household Bill showing Proof of Residency
  • A Driver’s License or Photo I.D. for Parent/Guardian signing up their child

Two Arrested After Linden Police Seize Handgun During Traffic Stop

Newark residents Walir Reynolds, 30, and Janiyyah Jones, 25, have been arrested and are facing weapons charges after Police recovered a handgun during a motor vehicle stop.

Police allege that they observed the vehicle speeding along Route 1 just before 9:30pm on Thursday, November 19, 2020. Officers stopped the vehicle, and a subsequent investigation led to the recovery of a handgun from inside the vehicle. Reynolds and Jones are charged with second-degree unlawful possession of a weapon.

“This is the twelfth illegal gun we have seized this year,” said Police Chief David Hart. “We will continue to pro-actively work to take these guns off our streets.”

Reynolds and Jones were both remanded to the Union County Jail pending an appearance in Superior Court.

These criminal charges are mere accusations. Every defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.

To view and/or download a PDF of this press release, click here.

Linden Police Let it Ride in “Double-Down December”

Linden – Chief David Hart joined Linden Police Benevolent Association Local #42 President Joseph Appello and Linden Police Superior Officers Association President Joseph Birch to announce that the Department will build off the success of “No Shave November” & “Nails for November” by participating in “Double-Down December.”

After raising $5,000 for Men’s Health Network (MHN), the Department will continue to relax grooming standards and allow Officers to keep their beards through the end of the year. Money raised in Double-Down December will be dedicated to host a community event later in the month. Any remaining monies will be donated to St. Joseph’s Social Service Center in Elizabeth, NJ.

“No Shave November has been a very successful fundraiser,” said Chief Hart. “Building off of that success with Double-Down December to benefit local families is a no-brainer, especially while so many of our friends and neighbors are struggling.” Participation is voluntary, and donations may be made without participation. Members of the public are invited to show their support by making a donation.

Checks or money orders made payable to Linden PBA Local 42, RE: MHN will be accepted at the Police desk any time during the month of November. A receipt will be given for each donation, but unfortunately CASH DONATIONS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED.

Local Business Partners with Police to Make City Street Safer

A local business has partnered with the Linden Police Department to make significant traffic safety improvements along a heavily-traveled street.

Rosedale & Rosehill Cemetery, located on E. Linden Ave, has operated in Linden for over 100 years. Linden Ave, which was once just a dirt road, has become a major thoroughfare within the city; it is one of only four roadways that directly connect Park and Wood Avenues with an estimated 8,000 vehicles that travel on it daily.

The Cemetery has maintained a vehicle crossing to transport materials and equipment from their offices across E. Linden Ave to the cemetery since 1998. Over the years, the volume and speed of traffic has dramatically increased. In 2019, Cemetery President, Jim Koslovski became worried for the safety of his employees, residents and surrounding businesses and contacted the Police Department to see what could be done. “The Linden Police Traffic Bureau was very responsive to our concerns and we immediately began the process of developing a comprehensive plan to make the street safer,” said Jim. 

New parking restrictions were adopted to improve visibility leading up to the crossing, and new signs were installed to make sure drivers were aware that vehicles could be crossing. A large portion of the work was delayed due to utility work, but last month the road was finally repaved thanks to a grant from the Union County Infrastructure program, and striping was added between Carteret St and Willow Glade Rd to reduce illegal parking violations and reduce speeding. Rosedale & Rosehill Cemetery generously contributed over $18,000 to make sure that the improvements were made without impacting the city’s budget.

“Safety is a priority for our employees, clientele and the citizens of Linden”, said Jim. “We have seen a reduction in speed, increased awareness by drivers as they travel along Linden Avenue as well as adhering to the posted speed limit. I personally want to thank Mayor Armstead, The Linden City Council, Councilman Roman, Chief Hart, Lt. Guenther, Sgt. Oliveira and the City of Linden Engineering Department for their support, time, and effort in helping complete this very important safety project.”

“We have seen very promising results from these improvements thus far,” said Linden Police Chief David Hart. “Unfortunately, funding is not always available to experiment with traffic control measures like these, so we are very grateful to have a generous and invested partners like Rosedale & Rosehill Cemetery.”

Officers will continue to monitor the area over the next year, and similar measures could be implemented in other areas if the results prove to be successful.

To download a PDF of this press release, click here.

Business Owners in Linden – Tell the State of New Jersey What You Think!

How has your business been impacted by COVID-19? What do you need for a safe and productive recovery? Fill out this online survey to share your story and help guide the State’s recovery plan.

As your businesses and organizations continue planning to ensure the safety of your employees, customers and clients, and visitors, we would like to know more about how the pandemic has impacted you and the challenges you may face in the future. Please help by responding to this short, 10 to 15-minute survey. While the overall summary results from this survey will be made public, we will endeavor to keep your individual responses confidential. With your help, we are confident that the State can help businesses and non-profit organizations safely and equitably recover from this crisis.” – Governor Phil D. Murphy

Click here to fill out the State of New Jersey’s online survey for small business owners.

COVID-19 Walkup Testing @ Wheeler Park on Thursday, November 19th

The Union County COVID-19 Mobile Test Unit is now visiting various community locations to provide free tests for Union County residents. The Union County COVID-19 Mobile Test Unit has conducted more than 2,000 tests to date and is staffed by health professionals with the Union County Division of Health.

Linden – Wheeler Park; Splash Park Parking Lot, 234 West Stimpson Avenue

  • No appointment.
  • Registration done on-site with smartphone or tablet.
  • Mask required.
  • No food, drink, smoking or chewing gum 30 minutes prior.
  • Results within 72 hours.

Beware of Utility Scams!

Utility scams are on the rise. Sometimes impostors contact PSE&G customers demanding immediate payment and threatening service shut off. Don’t be a victim…be prepared.

  • Please click here to view a 25 second “scam alert” video.
  • You can also visit PSE&G’s website for more information about utility scams and how you can prevent falling victim to them.

Signs of Potential Scam Activity

  • Threat to disconnect: Scammers may aggressively tell the customer their utility bill is past due and service will be disconnected if a payment is not made – usually within an hour.
  • Request for immediate payment: Scammers may instruct the customer to use cash or purchase a prepaid card, a gift card or even Bitcoin, and then to call back to make a phone payment to the utility company, or to receive instructions for an in-person meeting, supposedly at a utility customer center. Often, after the customer makes the first payment, the scammer will call back and request the payment be resubmitted due to an error with the amount. The scammer refers to a new amount and claims that the original payment will be refunded. Sometimes they will call a third time to say the payment did not go through and to resubmit again.
  • In person-demands: Scammers may arrive at a home or business, flash a fake ID and/or claim to be a utility collection representative. The impostors may wear “uniforms” or affix false company signs to their vehicles. The scammers generally ask for personal information, something authentic utility representatives do not do, or offer bogus discounts.
  • Request for card information: If a customer calls back with the requested information, the caller asks the customer for the prepaid card’s number or gift card PIN, which grants the scammer instant access to the card’s funds, and the victim’s money is gone.
  • Priority meter installs: Recent phone scams reported to PSE&G include demands for payment for past-due bills, discounts for good payment history or requiring a deposit for a priority meter installation. PSE&G does not require a deposit for meter installations. Often scammers will threaten to disconnect electric service if payment is not made immediately. These scammers often demand payment through a pre-paid card (e.g. Green Dot Money Pak, Vanilla Reload Card) or Bitcoin. If the victim takes the bait, the scammer provides a telephone number where a fake representative requests additional information that completes the fraudulent transaction.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Webinar

Hosted by the Union County Economic Development Corporation, this introductory webinar addresses the basics of harnessing the power of digital to make it work with your business’s marketing strategy. You’ll leave with a fundamental understanding of the core principles of digital marketing and the know-how to balance digital techniques with traditional methods for greater effectiveness.

Digital marketing is an important part of your promotional mix, and social media platforms are valuable tools to use in your marketing communications strategy.  In this workshop, they’ll cover:

  • Using your website to build a foundation for communicating content
  • Integrating digital marketing into your overall promotions
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Key aspects of popular social media platforms

Event Dates/Times & Registration PLEASE NOTE: Once you have registered, a link to the webinar will be emailed to you prior to the event with instructions.