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Collection Schedule

DPW Schedules will change only on weeks in which holidays fall, and in the event of a severe natural weather occurrence such as a snowstorm or hurricane, when services may be delayed or canceled. Bulk waste or trash collection days, which includes old furniture, yard waste, home improvement by-products, attic contents, shrubbery, toys and games, BBQ grills, and appliances – are scheduled for EACH DISTRICT (4) times this year. Separate trucks collect metals, air conditioners and refrigerators. We cannot collect whole pallets, truck tires, oil based paint, oil or concrete – asphalt – cinder blocks etc. Typical household garbage will not be collected on Trash Day, follow your regular pick up schedule. Please make note and adhere to your scheduled trash day. Household garbage only (no bulk items) will be collected twice weekly. Remove all recyclable items. Styrofoam – drink cups & fast food containers – should be discarded in the garbage- not recycling.

Outsiders are not allowed to bring in trash from out of town. We pay hefty fees to dump our trash and ultimately we, the taxpayers shoulder the expense of outside trash. If you see anyone bringing trash from out of town, we urge you to call this department. All calls will be handled discretely and remain totally confidential.

If you are moving, you must call this department before placing any trash at the curb and if our schedule permits, we will issue to you a special confirmed trash pickup. – THIS SERVICE MAY CARRY A FEE.

For a $60 fee, residents are allowed to utilize a second green garbage cart by filling out and submitting this request form.

Sanitation Schedule, Forms, Documents & Apps

All Other Collections

Christmas Trees

REMOVE stands and decorations before disposal.


On the grass clippings from lawn mowing will be accepted. Place in a sturdy container labeled GRASS or in biodegradable paper bags. DO NOT mix in bushes, branches, rocks, dirt or other yard waste with grass clippings and DO NOT PUT GRASS IN PLASTIC BAGS. WE WILL NOT COLLECT GRASS IN PLASTIC BAGS. Grass can never be piled in the curb line.

Bagged leaves

Place leaves in sturdy containers or biodegradable paper bags. LEAVES IN PLASTIC BAGS WILL NOT BE COLLECTED. Do not mix in yard waste with leaves.

Answers to Frequently Asked Trash Questions

  • Concrete must be broken off of fence posts before we take the posts.
  • All fuels and oils must be drained from mowers and blowers prior to collection.
  • Propane cylinders must be detached from BBQ grills.
  • Wood and building materials must be cut to 4′ lengths and all nails removed or bent back prior to collection.
  • We cannot collect wet paint – driveway sealers – spackles & putty – or waxes in liquid form. Remove the lids and allow product to harden or dry in the sun. Adding cat litter or shredded newspaper will speed this process.
  • Use heavy duty plastic bags to discard loose trash.
  • Cardboard boxes will be emptied of trash – but the boxes will then be left for the homeowner to recycle on P day.
  • To dispose of bulk trash permitted items, click here.
  • To dispose of bulk trash not permitted or prohibited items, click here.