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Collection Schedule

DPW Schedules will change only on weeks in which holidays fall, and in the event of a severe natural weather occurrence such as a snowstorm or hurricane, when services may be delayed or canceled. All recycling items must be placed at the curb by 6 am on your scheduled pick-up day. Recycling collects glass bottles (clear & colored), tin and aluminum cans, and plastic bottles & jugs. Styrofoam™ – drink cups & fast food containers – should be discarded in the garbage. All items can be mixed together after a thorough rinsing & placed at the curb in a sturdy container (label container recycling for efficient pick-up). Remember that items placed in plastic bags will not be collected!

Recycle Coach App

Mandatory items in the Recycling Program

  • Newspapers – Stack in foot high bundles and tie 2 ways (length & width) with string or twine only.
  • Corrugated Cardboard – You must first remove all tape, Styrofoam® packing materials & plastic bags and throw those things in the garbage. Then, flatten the cardboard and tie 2 ways with string or twine only.
  • Magazines, mixed paper, stationary, and junk mail. Treat same as newspapers.
  • Chipboard – included are gift boxes, cereal boxes, dry food boxes, frozen food boxes, beer sleeves, soda carriers, and tissue boxes. Flatten and tie with string or twine only.
  • (Above items may be combined in a container labeled with recycling stickers and placed at the curb in lieu of tying with twine.)
  • If these items are found in your garbage, you will receive a warning to comply. Repeat recycling scofflaws may receive a summons to appear in municipal court and fines totaling upwards of $250.00 per incident can be imposed.
  • Batteries/Button Cell – must be brought to Union Co. Hazardous Waste Disposal Day. Rechargeable batteries (ALL SIZES) bring to retail locations. (Call 1-877-2 recycle) Alkaline batteries (ALL SIZES) throw in the garbage. Batteries will no longer be accepted at the Recycling Center.
  • Depending upon the time of year, we will recycle other items on the alternating Thursdays and Fridays that are not Paper collection days. These days are clearly marked on your schedule by initials or symbols.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Concrete must be broken off of fence posts before we take the posts.
  • All fuels and oils must be drained from mowers and blowers prior to collection.
  • Propane cylinders must be detached from BBQ grills.
  • Wood and building materials must be cut to 4’ lengths and all nails removed or bent back prior to collection.
  • We cannot collect wet paint – driveway sealers – spackles & putty – or waxes in liquid form. Remove the lids and allow product to harden or dry in the sun. Adding cat litter or shredded newspaper will speed this process.
  • Use heavy duty plastic bags to discard loose trash.
  • Cardboard boxes will be emptied of trash – but the boxes will then be left for the homeowner to recycle on P day.
  • To dispose of bulk trash permitted items, click here.
  • To dispose of bulk trash not permitted or prohibited items, click here.