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The Finance Department is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the City’s budget, debt management, and financial reporting. The Finance Department develops, maintains and enforces a uniform system of accounts including forms, standards and procedures for all departments of the City government. All receipts and disbursements of the City and each of its departments are controlled here.

A central bookkeeping and account records system is maintained with sound accounting principles in accordance with the requirements of the State Division of Local Government. The Finance Department assures that all bills are authorized and approved for payment. The Department controls all expenditures and commitments to be made on behalf of any department in conformity with State law. The Department also makes recommendations to the City Council on the sale and award of bonds including the principal amount, interest rate, maturities and price.

There are three divisions under the Finance Department:

Click here for adopted budgets and audit reports from the Finance Department.


  • (908) 474-8479
  • 301 North Wood Avenue
    Linden, NJ 07036
    (908) 474-8479

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