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Public Notice Regarding the use of Body Worn Cameras by the Linden Police Department

In accordance with New Jersey Attorney General’s Directive 2021-5, the Linden Police Department is hereby providing public notice that the Linden Police Department deploys Body Worn Camera technology for use by both uniformed and plainclothes officers. Generally, a Body Worn Camera (BWC) will be mounted in the chest area to the front of the officer’s outermost garment. Pictures of the device currently in use, as well as a picture depicting how it is worn by both uniformed and plainclothes officers, is included below.

Body worn cameras are used to capture valuable evidence for investigations and trials. It also documents scenes, interviews, and encounters between the police and citizens, promoting accountability and transparency. The Linden Police Department was among the first Police Departments in Union County to deploy Body Worn Camera technology when it began the program in February 2016.

To view and/or download a PDF of this public notice, please click here.