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Day Camps & Playgrounds

Thank you for visiting! We are excited that you are interested in learning more about our Linden Recreation Summer Day Camps & Playgrounds!

The Linden Recreation Summer Day Camp program consists of 6 age appropriate camps:

For Children Entering Kindergarten:
Kiddie Day Camp at Peach Orchard Park (next to School #4; use back entrance, Grant & Mildred Avenue)

For Children Entering 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade:
Al Kalla Day Camp at Al Kalla Park (next to School #10 on Highland Avenue)
McGillvray Day Camp at McGillvray Park (Bedle Place and McGillvray Place)

For Children Entering 4th and 5th Grade:
Tremley Day Camp at Memorial Park (Tremley Playground on Tremley Point Road)

For Children Entering 6th Grade:
McManus Day Camp at McManus Park (next to McManus Middle School; use Myrtle Terrace entrance)

For Special Needs Children Entering Kindergarten through 6th Grade:
Special Needs Day Camp at McGillvray Park (Bedle Place and McGillvray Place)
Camp operating hours are from 8:00am-5:30pm. Each day camp attends five field trips over the course of the summer for an additional fee.

The Playgrounds program is designed for children ages 5-18. Summer Playgrounds operating hours are 12pm – 8pm. The program is free of charge, and participants are able to enter and leave the Playground, as they desire. Events designed for Playground participants include soccer, basketball, wiffleball, fishing, and kickball.

The following parks have Summer Playgrounds programs:
• Clifford Lawson Memorial Park – Between Washington Ave. & Walnut St.
• Cpl. Ronald Knosky Memorial Park – No. Stiles Street & Elm Street
• James Dobson Park – East Blancke Street at Maple Avenue
• George T. Farawell Memorial Park – Ziegler Avenue and Bergen Avenue
• Fifth Ward Park – Dill Avenue and Adams Street
• L/Cpl. Melnyk Memorial Park – at Clinton Street
• Buchanan Street Park – Lower Road & Parkway Avenue
• Seventh Ward Park – So. Stiles, between 17th & 18th St.
• Milkosky Park – Bedle Place & Park Avenue
• St. Marks Park – Between Hussa Street & Essex Avenue
• Newton Street Park – Pallant Avenue
• Sunnyside Park – Summit Terrace at Melrose
• Woodrow Wilson Memorial Park – Academy between Orchard & Summit
• Al Kalla Park – Between Wickersham & Highland Avenue

Select parks participate in the Spring Playgrounds and Fall Playgrounds programs. Spring Playgrounds and Fall Playgrounds operating hours are 5pm – 8pm.

All Day Camp & Playground staff have at least one year of college studies, are interviewed prior to hiring, and receive extensive annual training before the start of each summer. All staff must pass a background check before working with participants and must have their background checks renewed every three years. Please check out the following pictures and video content for a sample of the experiences that our participants have. With any questions, always feel free to contact Angelo Monaco, our Day Camp Playground Coordinator.

Click here to see the Day Camp/Playgrounds Photo Gallery

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