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What not to flush, and how to prevent backups.

Help maintain a healthy sewer system in our community!

We continue to be proactive in our response to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Due to this public health emergency our equipment is experiencing blockages from “flushable” and disinfectant wipes. With the increased use of wipes (“flushable”, wet, baby, anti-bacterial, disinfectant) and paper towels, we are reminding all residents to PLEASE make sure you put these items in the trash and do not flush them down the toilet!

“Flushable wipes” are often marketed as an alternative to toilet paper and claim to be “flushable” and “sewer safe.” However…

  • These wipes DO NOT break down when flushed in both private household plumbing and the public sewer system.
  • Serious blockages resulting in septic and sewer backups may occur.
  • Disposable wipes, even those labeled ‘flushable’ should be disposed of in the trash, not flushed down the toilet.

Read the informative flyer for more information. Thank you for helping us maintain a healthy sewer system in our community!