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New Jersey One Call

New Jersey State Law requires that you must call the New Jersey One Call System before you dig (excavation, demolition, etc.) whether it’s a small or a large construction or homeowner project (such as putting up a fence, mail box post or real estate sign post, building a home addition, deck or foundation, etc.) for marking underground utility lines. Calls must be made three (3) business days in advance, but no more than ten (10) business days. Excavation must commence within ten (10) business days. Operators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 1.800.272.1000 or 811.

National Flood Insurance Program

The City of Linden participates in the National Flood Insurance Program which allows any property owner in the City of Linden, whether your property is located in a flood zone or not, to purchase flood insurance. Through the City’s activities associated with the Community Rating System, Linden residents receive a discounted rate on this insurance. To find out if you live in a flood zone, you can either call or stop in the Engineering Department or view the maps posted on the FEMA website. See the Official Flood Protection Notice.

This interactive tool from FEMA can assist you in determining the current and advisory flood risk of your property.

Streets & Roads in Linden

Street Right–Of–Ways

Each street within the City of Linden has a specific Right-Of-Way (ROW), a distance from the front property line on one side of the street to the front property line on the other side of the street. This is public property, however, by ordinance; it is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain this area. Usually the roadway is centered within this Right-Of-Way, with sidewalks on either or both sides of it.


Encroachments into the Street Right-Of-Way are prohibited. All signs, fences, walls, structures, etc. shall be within the confines of the respective property boundaries.

Municipal Roads

There are approximately 91 miles of Municipal Roads running through the City of Linden that are under its jurisdiction.

County Roads

There are approximately 9.5 miles of County Roads running through the City of Linden that are under the jurisdiction of Union County. These roads include:

  • Elizabeth Avenue from Park Avenue to the Rahway Line
  • Linden Avenue (East) from Park Avenue to the Elizabeth Line
  • Raritan Road from Wood Avenue to Stiles Street
  • Roselle Street from St. Georges Avenue to Elizabeth Avenue
  • Stiles Street from Raritan Road to Edgar Road
  • Valley Road from Stiles Street to the Clark Line
  • Wood Avenue from Raritan Road to Edgar Road
State Roads

There are approximately 10 miles of State Roads running through the City of Linden that are under the jurisdiction of the State of New Jersey. These roads include:

  • Edgar Road (US1&9) from the Elizabeth City Line to the Rahway City Line
  • New Jersey Turnpike (I95) from the Elizabeth City Line to the Borough of Carteret
  • Route 278 from Edgar Road to the Elizabeth City Line
  • St. Georges Avenue (NJ27) from the Elizabeth City Line to the Rahway City Line

Crime Tips –

Crime Tips provides a way for our citizens to communicate with the police department, via email, who wish to provide information to the police department anonymously.

  • Users may leave information regarding specific information as to the whereabouts of wanted persons, information regarding cases, crimes, and illegal drug sales or possession information.
  • Users do not have to provide personal identifiable information, such as name, address or phone numbers.
  • This email link is not to be used for reporting purposes such as, requests for burglary reports, petty theft reports, collision reports or other.
  • This email link is meant to be another avenue for the citizens of Linden to give anonymous tip information.
  • These emails will not be replied to unless otherwise indicated by the user.

If you need to make a report and speak with an officer directly and it is a non-emergency, please contact the Police Department. If you have an emergency, please call 911.

Garbage Tax Repealed

An ordinance introduced July 18, 2017 with Final Reading August 15, 2017 has repealed the Garbage Fee; the City of Linden will no longer be billing the Garbage Fee beginning 2018.