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Linden Police Department Ramps Up Security Amid Ongoing Violence in Israel and Gaza Strip

As they have in the past, foreign terrorist organizations have exploited the ongoing violence in Israel, using social media and other communications to call on their supporters to mobilize, protest, and conduct attacks within the United States. Currently, a video is being circulated by a former Hamas organization leader praising the attack on Israel and calling on others to designate Friday, October 13th, as a day of action against Israel and its supports. While this information is disconcerting, it mirrors previously released statements that have historically had minimal impact in New Jersey.

From the beginning of this conflict we have been in regular contact with our law enforcement partners at the County, State, and Federal levels, and at this time, no credible threats have been identified towards Linden, New Jersey, or any of the State’s notable special events or critical infrastructure. We also recognize, however, that tragedies like this can illicit passionate responses and motivate a sympathizer to action.

Out of this abundance of caution, we have taken several precautionary measures to increase security in the area surrounding sensitive locations, and residents can expect an increased Police presence in these areas. The Linden Police Department has also been in regular contact with our local religious leaders to discuss the needs of their congregation and our response to these threats.

A public statement was released on our social media pages earlier this afternoon encouraging all members of our community to remain vigilant and report support suspicious activity immediately. We appreciate your support in emphasizing the important role each of us has in keeping our community safe.