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Indoor Dining, Movies and Indoor Concerts are Back Starting This Friday

Governor Murphy took big steps toward the continued reopening of New Jersey, announcing yesterday that indoor dining can resume Friday and that movie theaters and indoor music venues can reopen on Friday.

Indoor Dining

Indoor dining can resume Friday at 6am Capacity indoors is capped at 25%. Tables must be 6 feet apart. Masks must be worn by staff at all times. Patrons must wear masks when away from tables. No mingling at the bar. No tables larger than 8 except immediate families. No buffets or salad bars. Also, restaurant must use fresh air, meaning that windows must be opened to ensure a proper flow of fresh air into the dining areas. Additionally, air conditioner units must be set so that they allow the maximum amount of outdoor air to flow through the dining area, and the least amount of recirculated air.

Could indoor dining in NJ be banned again? “Sadly, I have to say yes,” if COVID boomerangs. Governor Murphy said. He said officials would respond to “a sustained increase” in metrics like the rate of transmission, new positive cases and new hospitalizations.

Movie Theatres

Movie theaters can reopen Friday with attendance capped at the lesser of either 25% capacity or 150. Masks must be worn unless eating or drinking. Families and groups that purchase tickets together can sit together. Others must remain 6 feet apart.

Indoor Music Venues

Indoor music venues can reopen Friday with attendance capped at the lesser of either 25% capacity or 150. Patrons and staff must wear masks and social distance. Venues can serve food and drinks to seated customers. No standing-room or general admission shows allowed.