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Day Camp CDC Guidelines

2021 Summer Day Camp Reopening Plan

We are excited to reopen the Summer Day Camp program for in-person activities for 2021. Our Day Camp program is more important than ever for Linden’s youth for several reasons: Giving children the opportunity to socialize, providing working parents with safe childcare, and providing an opportunity for children to have a routine and return to a sense of normalcy (Lupert, 2021, Par. 6-7). However, the main priority is the health and safety of our participants. By combining these elements, we aim for our participants have a safe, enjoyable, and transformative experience in the parks and facilities of the City of Linden. The Day Camp Reopening Plan is guided by the New Jersey 2021 COVID-19 Youth Summer Camp Standards Guidelines. Thus, please note that this plan is tentative and may be changed at any time based on updated guidance from the appropriate authorities.

Click here to view and/or download the full Parks & Recreation 2021 Summer Day Camp Reopening Plan.


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