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Alert – Phone Scam Impersonating Police Officers

Residents in multiple New Jersey municipalities have reported receiving suspicious phone calls from individuals impersonating police officers. These suspects are spoofing the phone number they are calling from, and displaying the respective police department’s phone number.

Reports state that the suspects have a thick accent and are using officer names obtained by searching municipal websites. 

As a reminder, never give personal information over the phone, by fax, through the mail, or on the Internet unless you have initiated the contact or you are sure you know who you are dealing with.

If you receive an unsolicited phone call from an individual claiming to be a Linden Police Officer, obtain the caller’s name and disconnect the phone call. Then, call the Linden Police Department directly at (908) 474-8500 to verify the call was legitimate.

If you have fallen victim to this scam and provided your personal information or are a victim of identity theft, please contact the Linden Police Department to file a police report.

Neither the Linden Police Department, nor any police union or organization associated with the Linden Police Department will ever solicit over the phone.