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Senior Citizen Programming – Yoga

Senior Citizen Yoga

Linden Department of Parks and Recreation announces that Renee Roman of You Me Trapeze joined their staff, teaching senior citizens and adults’ yoga. Renee personally found yoga after being a victim in a serious car accident. Yoga changed Renee’s life. She became passionate about learning more about yoga and other progressive fitness modalities. To that end, Renee pursued her certification which she received through Yoga Alliance in Barcelona, Spain. She also became certified in Aerial Yoga, Registered Yoga Teacher 200hr and bodyART®, which is a functional total body workout inspired by martial arts, Yin and Yang yoga, physical therapy and classical conditioning. Renee is now driven to share her love of yoga, trapeze, aerial and bodyART®. She teaches at numerous studios across New Jersey and New York City as well as private classes and events. Renee believes that an important key to living an outstanding life is movement. And her warm and welcoming energy will put your worries at ease, and allow you to be present in the moment.  Renee’s motto, “Life is better upside down.”
Pre-registration is required and must be done at least one week before the start of class.

Participants ages 50 and older builds strength, increase flexibility and improve posture and balance while movement is led by one’s breath. This class is designed for mid-life and older adults who may benefit from a slower pace gentle yoga flow. This class is a combination of chair yoga and floor yoga. Students are encouraged to use props, modify poses, transition mindfully and explore their appropriate balance between ease and comfort. Breath work, singing bowls, relaxation and meditation practices are included to encourage stress reduction. Beginners welcome. You need a yoga mat and a water bottle close by. Additional yoga props are welcomed but not necessary. Come as you are. All classes will be posted on Linden TV 36/42. The class will be held Monday, January 4 through Thursday, March 8 from 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. The fee is FREE.