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Pricing for Small Business Profitability

Free Live Webinar, Sponsored by UCEDC

Price it high? Low? Hold sales? Offer Coupons? Make it up on volume? One of the most challenging decisions you’ll face as a business owner is how much to charge for your product or service. Understanding which price points motivate or dissuade consumers from purchasing is key to setting the right price. This interactive workshop will help you focus in on your specific cost structure to reveal the pricing strategy that’s right for you.

Click here to register for this free live webinar, sponsored by the Union County Economic Development Corporation

The workshop includes an interactive activity that helps participants to determine their business’s cost structure and how it relates to their current pricing.

Common issues facing entrepreneurs that this workshop will address:

How to make sure the price for your product or service is optimized for both you and the customer. How to take competition into account when making pricing decisions.

Activities and/or materials included in this workshop:

  • Presentation on best practices and process for pricing
  • Open Q&A with presenter

Benefits and/or outcomes of taking this workshop:

You will leave with an understanding of how cost structure affects pricing, how to link marketing efforts to your pricing, and how to use your pricing model as a tool for growth.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have registered, a link to the webinar will be emailed to you prior to the event with instructions.