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RFQ / RFI for the 7 to 27 North Wood Avenue & From 11-15 to 101 West Elizabeth Avenue Block 254, Lots 1-10 Redevelopment Area

The City is issuing this RFQ/RFP to assess the qualifications of developers interested in the acquisition and redevelopment of the Redevelopment Area which is comprised of approximately 4.67 acres. Currently, Block 254, Lots 1-8 are developed as a shopping center. Block 254, Lots 9 and 10 are currently developed as surface parking lots owned by the City and New Jersey Transit Corporation, respectively. The City owns Block 254, Lot 9, and New Jersey Transit Corporation owns Block 254, Lot 10. The City can commence condemnation proceedings with regard to Block 254, Lots 1-8, in order to make same available for redevelopment purposes, unless same can be obtained by way of a privately negotiated sale, between Respondent and the current property owner(s). Respondents are encouraged to provide a proposal that incorporates the entirety of the Redevelopment Area, including the potential purchase price of same, as well as what change(s) would be made to any proposal if Block 254, Lot 10 is not available to be incorporated in the project. Respondents will also be able to address any related impact(s) on City infrastructure and/or be prepared to highlight necessary improvements to City infrastructure resulting from the proposal, and how developers will address same.