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Lead Hazard Owner Registration & Exemptions

All owners of residential buildings constructed prior to or during 1978 must complete this form. This includes single-family homes, 2-family homes, multiple-family homes, apartment buildings, mixed commercial-residential buildings, townhouses, and condominiums. Pre-1978 buildings with residential rentals must have at least one Lead Hazard Evaluation before July 2024, or upon tenant turnover, whichever is earlier. 

Owners of properties that are exempt from requiring Lead Hazard Evaluations must also complete this form, check that it is exempt, and check the reason that it is exempt in the tab marked “Exemption Details”. There is no fee to file this form if the property is exempt. Reasons for exemption include:

  • The dwelling was constructed after 1978.
  • The dwelling is a seasonal rental for less than 6 months a year, and with non-consecutive tenants.
  • The dwelling has a “Lead-Free” certificate.
  • The dwelling is registered with NJDCA for at least 10 years, with no outstanding lead violations during the most recent .cyclical NJDCA inspection.
  • No portion of the property is used as a residential rental dwelling, nor will be in the immediate future (this includes dwellings that are only owner-occupied, and/or occupied only by non-tenant family members).

Click here to view, fill out and submit the Residential Rental Owner Registration form online.