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Streets & Roads

Street Sweeping

We follow a regular sweeping schedule from January to October as weather conditions permit. During the months of October, November & December, our primary duties are to clear leaves from the streets. No parking signs & rules are enforced by the Linden Police Department year round.

  • Leaves are permitted in the curb line from October thru December ONLY.
  • Keep leaf piles minimum of 10’ from any storm basin.
  • At no time is grass to be left in the curb line.
  • It is unlawful for landscapers to blow and leave yard debris into the streets.


Sidewalks damaged or lifted by City trees only are the responsibility the City to repair. Contact your council representative for assistance with this matter. Homeowners/Business Owners are responsible for all other hazardous walks as per City Ordinance #15-6. Homeowners, Landlords and Business Owners are required to clear snow and ice from their sidewalks within 12 hours of the conclusion of a winter weather event as per City Ordinance #3-31.

Snow and Ice

All scheduled DPW collections and services may be delayed or suspended due to weather emergencies. The following streets are designated and posted as “Snow Emergency Routes”. No parking is allowed on these streets whenever the National Weather Service issues a winter storm warning for an area including the City of Linden. (Ord. 7-7.3)

  • Chandler Avenue
  • Clinton Street
  • Cranford Avenue
  • DeWitt St. & DeWitt Terrace
  • Elizabeth Avenue
  • Grier Avenue
  • Knopf Street
  • Linden Avenue
  • McCandless Street
  • Orchard Terrace
  • Park Avenue
  • Pleasant Street
  • Raritan Road
  • Street
  • Route 1 & 9 (Edgar Road)
  • St. Georges Avenue
  • Stiles Street
  • Tremley Point Road
  • Wood Avenue

If possible, remove your vehicles from all streets until we have plowed to the curb. DO NOT CLEAR YOUR APRON UNTIL WE GET THE SNOW TO THE CURB. If you must shovel snow from your apron, pile the snow ‘downstream’ of the direction the plow is working.

  • Do not leave furniture in the street to “mark your parking space”. Our job is to reach the curb and your furniture will be destroyed.
  • Do not shovel or throw snow into the street. We will just plow it back to the curb.


DPW regularly maintains 25 miles of storm sewer pipes, 2400 storm sewer basins and over 130 miles of sanitary sewer lines. IN-HOUSE SEWER LINE CLEARING is available for a $100 charge during normal working hours only (6am-2:30pm, Mon-Fri). Call 908.474.8666 for this service.


To have a City tree trimmed or removed, you must contact your Council representative. Only DPW personnel may perform work on City trees.