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Linden High School

Linden High School is in the city of Linden that is a diverse community that is located about fifteen miles away from New York City. In September 1910, Linden High School began its operation as an academic institution, with three students graduating that year. Today, our high school serves to educate and prepare approximately 1,800 students for the futures that await them. Linden High School is recognized by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and we offer a strong comprehensive program, as well as an alternative school and nationally recognized Career Technical Education programs, ensuring that all students have opportunities to achieve. Our ESL program has been awarded a Model Program by the New Jersey Department of Education over the past seven years. The successes of our students in all areas offer our community a tremendous sense of pride.

Our school’s mission is to provide a safe and secure learning environment conducive to our uniquely diverse community of learners. All students are encouraged to become lifelong learners, develop a healthy self-image and strive for excellence in academic and vocational skills in order to maximize their potential. Our goal is to ensure that all of our students graduate from high school with the academic and personal preparedness necessary to enter into society as a productive, valued member able to participate in decision-making processes.